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Pet Orthopedics

Our team is here to help! Our surgery specialists are known for going above and beyond for our clients.

Pet Orthopedic Surgery

The surgeons at the Animal Care Center will ensure that your pet will receive the surgical stabilization they need to return to a normal pain-free activity level.

Pet Ortho

Dogs are known for their boundless energy and enthusiastic playfulness, but that playtime sometimes comes with a cost. It is important for pet owners to seek immediate veterinary attention if their furry friend experiences this type of injury.

When a dog tears or ruptures a ligament, it is a serious injury that requires immediate veterinary attention. If left untreated, the damage to the ligament can cause ongoing pain and mobility issues. In some cases, surgery may be required to repair the ligament.

Our surgeons are committed to providing fast, safe, and efficient treatment for your pet, so that they can avoid an extended period of immobility and discomfort brought on by the damage caused to their ligament.