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Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Our team is here to help! Our surgery specialists are known for going above and beyond for our clients.

Pet Orthopedic Surgery in Hardin, MT

The surgeons at the Animal Care Center will ensure that your pet will receive the surgical stabilization they need to return to a normal pain-free activity level.

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Animal Care Center is pleased to offer veterinary orthopedic procedures!  After completing the Principals of Fracture Repair training through the Viticus Group, Dr. Chelsea Uffelman is now providing orthopedic services to the cats and dogs of Hardin, Billings, and surrounding areas.  With this specialized training, Dr. Uffelman is equipped to address a number of orthopedic concerns for her patients, ranging from simple to comminuted fracture repairs, extracapsular repair, medial patellar laxation repair, and more. 

A ruptured ligament or fracture can mean a huge difference in the quality of life for your pet.  Through physical examination and diagnostics like radiographs, the Animal Care Center team can aid you and your pet in finding the best treatment options, now including orthopedic surgery, to give them a long, happy, healthy life.   

Dr. Uffelman and the Animal Care Center team are equipped with specialized surgical tools, including but not limited to a fully sterilizable orthopedic drill and CDT locking plates.   

Specialty Procedures

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Digital radiography to accompany a thorough physical examination aids in confirming an accurate diagnosis and helps to plan for surgical fixation if indicated

Dr. Uffelman is PennHIP certified, which is a research-based hip screening procedure to evaluate for hip laxity and hip dysplasia in dogs as young as 16 weeks of age. PennHIP screening is an invaluable tool to understand and proactively manage your canine’s health and well-being.

Medical Management

If surgery is not indicated and medical management is the recommended course of action, then Animal Care Center provides an individual tailored medication plan to meet your pet’s needs including a multi-modal medication approach, nutraceutical recommendations, and/or injections (see below).

Animal Care Center is now offering Librela, the latest advancement in osteoarthritis pain relief in dogs. Librela offers long-lasting pain relief through a once-monthly injection administered by our dedicated veterinarians. Osteoarthritis (OA), or arthritis, is a chronic condition that can cause immense pain and discomfort for your dog. While we may not be able to cure OA, we can certainly control the pain it inflicts.

Why Choose Librela for Your Dog?

  • Enhanced Quality of Life:

By reducing OA pain, Librela can significantly improve your dog’s activity level and overall quality of life.

  • Effective Pain Control:

Librela effectively manages Canine OA pain with a convenient monthly injection.

  • Gentle on Vital Organs:

It functions like naturally occurring antibodies, making it gentle on your dog’s liver and kidneys.

  • Proven Success:

Librela has been available in Europe since 2021, with over 4.6 million doses distributed.

Librela is the first and only anti-NGF monoclonal antibody designed to control OA pain in dogs. It has been rigorously tested and approved as safe and effective in clinical studies. Unlike daily oral medications, Librela offers the convenience of a once-monthly clinic-administered injection. Our knowledgeable veterinarians will assess your dog’s unique needs and determine if Librela is the right choice. It’s important to note that while some dogs may experience pain relief as soon as seven days after the first dose, the full effects may not be observed until after the second dose. With Librela, you can count on long-lasting control of OA pain.

Is Librela Right for Your Dog?

Yes, Librela is approved as safe for dogs, but we always recommend a discussion with your veterinarian to ensure it’s the best option for your furry friend. There are a few considerations, such as sensitivity to the active ingredient (bedinvetmab) and use during pregnancy, breeding, or lactation.

 For more information about Librela and a checklist to help you identify signs of osteoarthritis in your pet, please visit Give your dog the gift of pain-free living with Librela. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out if Librela is the right choice for your furry family member.

We look forward to helping your beloved companion lead a happier, more active life with Librela.

Animal Care Center also offers Solensia, which is the latest advancement in osteoarthritis pain relief in cats.  Solensia is also a once monthly injection administered by our dedicated veterinarians.

Surgical Fixation

Dr. Uffelman and the Animal Care Center team are equipped with specialized surgical tools, including but not limited to a fully sterilizable orthopedic drill and CDT locking plates.   

Orthopedic services offered: 

  • Simple to comminuted fracture repair of the tibia, femur, and radius/ulna
    • Lag screw technique
    • Locking plates
    • Bone plating
    • Plate-rod combination repair
  • Salter-Harris (growth plate) Fracture Repair
  • Tibial Tuberosity Avulsion Fracture
  • Extracapsular Repair 
    • Commonly referred to as small dog CrCL repair 
  • Medial Patella Luxating Repair (Wedge Trocheoplasty with Lateral Imbrication)
Pet xray
Pet xray
red paws