Rodents, Cats, and Small Pet Health

Small Animal Veterinary Services

Choose Animal Care Center Montana for top-quality small animal care services, from vaccinations to advanced medical procedures. Your pet’s well-being matters!

Animal Care Center Montana

Small Animal Veterinary Services in Hardin, MT

Woman in blue shirt holding a cat

Pet Wellness

Choose Animal Care Center Montana in Hardin, MT, for top-level pet wellness. Early detection through wellness exams, eye care, vaccinations, and international health certificates.

A woman and a girl happily holding a dog

Pet Boarding

Struggling to balance work and pet care? Turn to Animal Care Center Montana. Our trained staff ensures your pets receive love, attention, and a second home in your absence.

A vet petting a dog with their hand

General Orthopedics for Dogs

Our dedicated surgeons provide surgical stabilization for dogs with ligament injuries, ensuring a pain-free return to normal activity.

Pet Digital Radiograph

Pet Digital X-Rays & Ultrasound

Animal Care Center Montana in Hardin, MT, provides digital X-ray and Ultrasound services for pets, offering high-quality images for precise diagnostics.

pet bloodwork

Pet Bloodwork & Testing

Ensure your pet’s well-being with our bloodwork and fecal testing services at Animal Care Center Montana in Hardin, MT. Detect health issues early—contact us for annual screenings and personalized care.

pet laser therapy

Pet Laser Therapy

Discover relief for your pet at Animal Care Center Montana with our Pet Laser Therapy in Hardin, MT. Painless and noninvasive, it stimulates cells for faster healing, addressing conditions like arthritis and injuries.

PennHIP Screening

PennHIP Screening for Dog

Detect canine hip dysplasia early with PennHIP Screening at Animal Care Center Montana in Hardin, MT. Trust Dr. Uffelman for precise, timely interventions ensuring your pet’s quality of life.

A furry dog seeing a vet

Pet Hospitalization

Pet hospitalization at Animal Care Center Montana, is crucial for pets facing health challenges. Recognize signs like lethargy, loss of appetite, or injuries prompting immediate care from our skilled team.

pet dentistry

Pet Dentistry

Ensure your pet’s dental well-being with our comprehensive services at Animal Care Center Montana. From routine cleaning to advanced procedures, our skilled team is dedicated to your pet’s smile.