Horse and Livestock Health

Large Animal Veterinary Services

Animal Care Center Montana excels in Large Animal Services, from routine check-ups to surgeries for cows, horses, and more. Trusted care for your large animals in Hardin, MT.

Animal Care Center Montana

Large Animal Veterinary Services in Hardin, MT

Running Horse

Equine Care

Discover comprehensive equine care at Animal Care Center Montana. From wellness exams to surgeries, vaccinations, and advanced treatments like X-rays and laser therapy, your horse’s well-being is our priority.

sheep and goat

Sheep & Goats Care

Animal Care Center Montana in Hardin, MT specializes in sheep and goat services. Our veterinary care includes routine check-ups, vaccinations, castration/banding, swine hernia repair, anesthesia, and more.


Cattle Care

Animal Care Center Montana offers essential veterinary services for cattle, including wellness exams, pregnancy ultrasound, fertility testing, vaccines, surgeries, and advanced diagnostic procedures like X-rays.